Thursday, July 07, 2005

Some Thoughts on the SC Nomination Fight

As for who it should be, I only have two thoughts for the President. 1) Do not go with a "moderate." This fight is winnable, so get a truly conservative jurist. By this I do not mean someone who would actively advance politically conservative policies, but one who will interpret the constitution as the founders intended. 2) From a political point of view, any of the three filibustered jurists that got in on "The Deal" would be hard for the Democrats to attack quite as ferociously as they might others. Having found them acceptable only a month ago, their attacks would sound rather hollow, and if a filibuster starts and cloture fails, some of the 7 RINOs who were in on the deal will likely vote to change the Senate rules.

This will not be a repeat of the Bork fight. For one thing, the Republicans now form a majority in the Senate. Yet even more important is what they learned in the Bork fight. That was like the war on terrorism before 9/11. Al Qaida had declared war on the US, but the US did not notice and was not at war with al Qaida. While the Democrats followed the rule that "all's fair," the Republicans thought they were in a gentlemanly dispute. That will not happen this time. Both sides will mobilize, and in a situation like that, the majority Republicans will prevail.


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