Thursday, June 30, 2005

Rushing to Prove Rove Right

I see a great deal of irony in the statements of Democrats in the last few weeks. First, they were attacking Carl Rove for correctly saying that liberals (he never said Democrats, and he identified specifically some of the liberals he was talking about) were more appeasers than fighters in the war against terrorists.

This continued right up until the day when President Bush addressed the American people on the situation in Iraq. He said nothing new, but he very impressively reiterated his stand on Iraq and its place in the war on terror. He identified Iraq as the main front in that war, which had begun on 9/11/01, and he restated the connections between Saddam's Iraq and al Qaeda and other international terrorist organizations, which had been spelled out in the congressional resolution authorizing the Iraq invasion, which many Democrats had voted for.

Following the speech, leading Democrats ran for the news microphones to tell the world that they had no idea what had been in the resolution they had voted for and that there was no connection between Iraq and any parties that had anything to do with 9/11. They attacked the president for mentioning 9/11, as if it were some distant historical issue that had no relevance to our present situation.

I cannot imaging any stronger verification of Carl Rove's speech. Rove might as well have been the speech writer for the Democrats.


  • And now Lawrence O'Donnel (Senior Political Analyst, MSNBC)
    on McLaughlin Group: 'I'm probably gonna get pulled into the grand jury for saying this, but it will be revealed in Cooper's notes that it is Karl Rove who leaked Plame's identity'
    If this proves true, it may be the silver bullet the liberals need to finish Rove . . . Gregory

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:33 AM  

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