Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Number of Late-Filing Congressmen Goes Up

More and more congressmen keep "remembering" that they had taken trips paid for by others and had not reported it. The Washington Times reports that the total is now up to 200. Link.
More than 200 lawmakers have rushed to correct travel-disclosure statements in recent months as reporters on Capitol Hill discover more discrepancies in the wake of questions about travel by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. [...]

Rep. Harold E. Ford Jr., a Tennessee Democrat who is running for the Senate, holds first place as Congress' most prolific traveler since 2000. While his travel reports have been trouble-free in recent years, that has not always been the case.
From 1998 to 2003, he took 61 privately funded trips. During that period, he failed to file a single travel-disclosure form with the House clerk, as required by the chamber's ethics rules. [...]

In terms of travel at the expense of others, Mr. DeLay is far from top of the heap, ranking 30th in value of trips taken, according to PoliticalMoneyLine.

In trying to Get DeLay, the Dems have opened up a can of worms that may hurt them significantly in 2006. Tom DeLay had filed the necessary paperwork for each of his trips. It now appears that a majority of congressmen, including lots of Democrats, had not.


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