Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Arnold Revolution Continues

Pete du Pont, former governor of Delaware, has an article in Opinion Journal with an overview of what the Governator is doing in California. Link.
A week ago the governor called a special election for Nov. 8 to vote on three policy changes that the Democrat-controlled legislature has refused to consider: stronger state spending restraints, higher standards for public school teachers, and retired judges rather than legislators drawing legislative district boundaries.

The most economically important is Measure 1131, which would put additional controls on state spending. Mr. Davis drove spending up by one-third in his five years in office; Mr. Schwarzenegger's proposition would limit spending increases to average revenue growth over the previous three years and give the governor the power to reduce spending if revenue decreases and the legislature fails to act to correct the deficit.

A second proposition seeks to improve the quality of California public school teachers' skills by requiring five instead of three years of work before they gain tenure and making two consecutive unsatisfactory evaluations sufficient reason to fire a teacher.

Finally comes the most politically explosive Schwarzenegger proposal--mandating the drawing of legislative district lines by retired judges. [...]

Two other emotional proposals have already qualified for the November vote--parental notification and a two-day wait for unmarried girls 17 and under to receive an abortion, and requiring a public employee's written consent before a union can spend his dues money for political contributions.

This will be a very important off-year election. All of the best laws passed in California are by initiative. The legislature is only interested in selling special privileges to special interests. Only the initiative process allows the people to get any laws that work in their favor. Yes, sometimes left-wing interests get initiatives on the ballot, and sometimes they pass, but the bits of glaring sanity greatly outnumber them.


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