Thursday, May 05, 2005

Transvestites Against Terror

The BBC reports that the Pakistani agents that nabbed al Libbi were dressed in burqas to get close to him. Link.
Pakistani agents wearing burqas seized al-Qaeda suspect Abu Faraj al-Libbi by ambushing his motorbike in a rural town, police told the BBC.

The man alleged to be a top al-Qaeda organiser was riding pillion and managed to run into a house where agents flushed him out with tear gas. [...]

Agents, some of whom had been wearing the all-encompassing robe worn by women in conservative Islamic families, stopped the motorbike and overpowered the driver, then fired some shots when Libbi ran away.

The suspect later emerged from the house where he had sought shelter unarmed and with his "hands up and head slightly bowed", the policeman said.

He was frisked and only a mobile phone was found. ISI agents bundled him into a vehicle and whisked him away before police could speak to him, he added.

He must have been relieved when he discovered that they really were men dressed in Burqas. As an Islamic extremist, he could never have lived it down if women had captured him. We have found that using women interrogators can disorient these guys so much that we get more information out of them. Seeing a group of what he thought were women must have made him assume zero risk, so he went right in with no defensive thoughts.

As to al Libbi's interrogation, the Pakistanis are not just doing this for us. He was behind two assassination attempts on President Musharraf, so this will be personal for them. I doubt he will be treated with kid gloves, and we should just stay out of it and wait for the results.


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