Friday, May 13, 2005

Some Possible 2006 Competition for Hillary

The Daily Standard reports that Nixon son-in-law Ed Cox may enter the New York senate race. Link.
Cox, who has declined to make a statement on his intentions, has made steps toward running for Clinton's New York Senate seat, including launching an exploratory committee. Associates to Cox believe that he will win the endorsement of New York Governor George Pataki.

By the time Hillary Rodham married future president Bill Clinton in 1975, Ed Cox had been married to the daughter of then current president Richard Nixon for four years and had been making valuable in-roads within the Republican party. He became a loyal intimate to his father-in-law, standing by him through Watergate and regularly traveling abroad with the former president.

While Cox's Rose Garden wedding to Tricia Nixon brought him into the Nixon family, and in some ways the administration, Hillary was trying to bring it down. While on the staff of the House Judiciary Committee, she helped to write articles of impeachment against the president. [...]

He is chairman of the State University Construction Fund, trustee of the State University of New York, chair of the New York State Council of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, and commissioner of the New York State Commission on Judicial Nomination. In addition, Cox has written pieces for the New Republic and the New York Post.

I do not know enough about Cox to have an opinion as to how strong a candidate he will be. It is very much in the Republicans' interest to field a strong candidate in the 2006 senate race. Many consider Hillary the front runner for the 2008 presidential nominees of the Democrats, and the best way to weaken her chances is to bloody her in the 2006 race. In 2000, she coasted to an easy victory against an exceptionally weak Republican candidate. If she gets to coast through to an easy victory again, it will greatly strengthen her in 2008. The only possible silver lining would be that she would never have faced a tough race, and may be unprepared for one in 2008. However, I would easily forgo that silver lining to see her face a really tough race in 2006.


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