Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Palestinians Want Normality Too

Here is another example of how Arabs prefer Western political methods when they are exposed to them. Daniel Pipes has a column in which he gives numerous examples of statements by Palestinians that compare Israel and the PA on specific issues, and prefer the Israeli way. Link. He concludes the column with:
These comments point to some Palestinians appreciating the benefits of elections, rule of law, minority rights, freedom of speech, and a higher standard of living. In effect, they acknowledge Israel as more civilized than the PA. Amid all the PA's political extremism and terrorism, it is good to know that a Palestinian constituency also exists for normality.

Unfortunately, it remains a furtive constituency with no political import. The time has come for decent Palestinians to make their voices heard and state that Israel's existence is not the problem but the solution.

First we were told that Arabs are an exception to everyone else's desire for democracy. Then, with democracy and demonstrations and demands for democracy breaking out throughout the Arab world, we were told that Palestinians were an exception to Arabs' desire for democracy. There are no exceptions. Everybody would prefer to live in liberty. Many, perhaps most, would prefer a form of democracy that recognizes and incorporates the unique ethnic attributes of their society, but that is not the same as not wanting democracy.


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