Wednesday, May 11, 2005

No Drivers License - No Problem

NRO has a column by a LAPD officer about the latest example of legislative madness in Sacramento. Link.
Allow me to introduce you to Senator Gilbert Cedillo, Democrat of Los Angeles. [...] Recall that it was Cedillo who introduced legislation that would have allowed illegal immigrants to obtain California driver's licenses. In 2003, the bill was passed by both houses of California's famously left-leaning legislature and hastily signed into law by a desperate Governor Gray Davis, who at the time was facing what proved to be a successful recall effort. Public outrage over the issue helped propel Arnold Schwarzenegger into the governor's mansion. Under pressure from Schwarzenegger, California legislators, including Cedillo himself, voted to repeal the bill they had only recently passed. [...]

Let's imagine Officer Dunphy is on patrol one night and happens to observe, as he does from time to time, a driver going too fast or otherwise driving so as to make himself a hazard to navigation. Let's further imagine that Officer Dunphy pulls the offending driver over with the aim of issuing him a citation, the receipt of which will encourage said driver to be more careful in the future, thus enhancing not only his own safety but that of the entire motoring public. Now suppose this driver has not gone to the trouble of obtaining a driver's license, either in California or anyplace else, and that he also has failed to obtain the liability insurance required under California law. Not only would Officer Dunphy issue the man a citation for the moving violation that precipitated the stop, but also for having no driver's license and no insurance. And, to make sure this person does not immediately resume driving and flouting the lawfully enacted statutes, Officer Dunphy summons a tow truck and impounds the man's car for 30 days.

Senator Cedillo's proposed legislation would exempt illegal immigrants, and only illegal immigrants, from having their cars impounded, and would lower the fines levied against them for failing to purchase car insurance. Cedillo's reasoning, as best I can summarize it, is that because illegal immigrants are prohibited by law from obtaining driver's licenses, and therefore cannot purchase insurance, it is unfair to treat them in the same manner as those citizens who, through their own indolence, fail to obtain one or the other or both.

Let me get this straight. If this bill were to pass (very unlikely, given who the governor is today), illegal aliens would be granted a legal status higher than that of citizens, and they would be exempt from laws that restrict citizens and legal residents.

Maybe I should not be surprised. After all, this is merely the logical result of the cult of victimhood.


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