Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Newspaper Circulation Down Again

The Washington Post reports on the latest industry circulation figures. Link.
Circulation at 814 of the nation's largest daily newspapers declined 1.9 percent over the six months ended March 31 compared with the same period last year, an industry trade group reported yesterday.

The decline continued a 20-year trend in the newspaper industry as people increasingly turn to other media such as the Internet and 24-hour cable news networks for information.

Newspaper industry officials also blamed the National Do Not Call Registry, which has forced newspapers to rely less on telemarketing to secure subscribers, and a shift in strategy among major newspapers away from using short-term promotions to acquire new readers.

"Of all the things that have happened, [the change in telemarketing rules] had the single largest impact," said John Kimball, chief marketing officer for the Newspaper Association of America, an industry trade group.

Talk about having your head buried in the sand. First we heard that liberals have the ideas all Americans favor, but they keep losing elections because they do not communicate better. Now we are told that people are giving up their newspaper subscriptions because the marketing people cannot interrupt their dinners to pitch them.

How about this. Try giving people unbiased and accurate news. I know that this has never been tested, but I just feel in my bones that if the publishers would gave it a try, people may want to read their newspapers again.


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