Wednesday, May 18, 2005

More on Spain's 3/11 Bombing

Frank Gaffney has a column in NRO that tells of an investigative piece in a Madrid newspaper that found evidence that Spanish police fabricated evidence to disprove the govenment's claim of Basque involvement, effectively performing an "inside job" to aid a coup that brought the anti-terror-war socialists to power. Link.
On May 16, the Madrid daily El Mundo published an investigative report that is potentially as explosive as the 3/11 attacks themselves: It suggests that, almost immediately after the 12 bombs went off in one of the city’s busiest train stations, some in the Spanish police force fabricated, and then publicized, evidence. The object seems to have been to support the oppositions’ claims that Islamists angry over the government’s support for the war in Iraq were responsible.

At worst, the information uncovered by El Mundo could mean that the deadly bombing was actually perpetrated with the complicity of the same Spanish police bomb squad, Tedax, that was subsequently charged with investigating the crime.

Either way, if the leads published in recent days pan out, it would appear that Spain’s 2004 elections were stolen by terrorists, alright. But the terrorist operation that brought the socialists to power may have been an inside job — in effect, a coup perpetrated by some of the same authorities who are responsible for preventing terror. Explosive stuff, if true. But all preliminary and speculative right now.

The article then quotes an English translation of El Mundo directly. There are numerous bits of evidence presented. This is one of them.
Cellphones used for March 11 were unlocked in a phone shop owned by... a Spanish police officer. And not just any police officer: It was Maussili Kalaji, a Syrian born citizen who had been granted Spanish citizenship several years ago and entered the police department when he arrived in Spain [despite] his past as an Al Fatah member and as an agent for the Soviets' intelligence services.

Apparently as soon as [Kalaji] left the [Spanish] police academy, he was assigned to infiltrate extremist groups and so he got acquainted with such nice guys as Abu Dadah, currently under trial for the 9/11 plot and who will be on trial again in the future for his role on March 11. He also was assigned to the security detail of Judge Garzón, now on leave and teaching at a New York university — who insisted that, no matter what Aznar was saying on March 11, he knew from minute 1 that the bombings had been by Islamic terrorists, not ETA. I think we know now why.

And that's not all: Kalaji's sister was the translator for the police in charge of translat[ing] the wiretapped conversations between the alleged March 11 culprits before the bombings. And his ex-wife, also a police officer, was the first to arrive at the scene where another key [piece of] evidence pointing to Islamic terrorists and not ETA was found: a white van with detonators and some tapes with Koranic verses. Socialists blame Aznar's government for hiding this but, of course, maybe its guys got there first.

If corroborated, this evidence is explosive. Obviously the current, socialist Spanish government will not investigate, but someone has to. El Mundo will probably continue its investigation, but it does not have subpoena power. Nevertheless, it can supply an avenue to attract any Spaniard with information. If they get enough dots from anti-socialist Spaniards, they may be able to connect them.


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