Thursday, May 05, 2005

Man Bites Dog - Palestinian Style

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. has a story about a bulldozer demolishing Palestinian homes. This sounds like dog-bites-man, except for one big difference in this story. Link.
A Palestinian bulldozer on Monday demolished the seaside homes of three senior officers who built illegally on public land in Gaza, the start of what the Palestinian government promises will be a relentless campaign against corruption. Palestinians, fed up with years of corruption by security officials, hailed the move as an important sign that no one is above the law.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was elected, in part, on a pledge to reform the government and security services, where top officials routinely misuse their power for personal gain. [...]

To carry out Abbas's mission, one bulldozer guarded by seven jeeps and 30 Palestinian officers entered the Sudania area on the coast of northern Gaza on Monday morning to crush the three homes, which were being built by a major, a lieutenant-colonel and a colonel on public land they illegally seized. The operation encountered no resistance.

The international left goes ballistic whenever the Israelis demolish the homes of suicide bombers, and Rachel Corrie became a saint to the left when she died in an accident while trying to stop an Israeli bulldozer from demolishing tunnels being used to smuggle arms into the Palestinian territories. Let's see how many demonstrations get organized when Palestinians use bulldozers to demolish Palestinian homes.


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