Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Groups to Advertise Pro and Con on Judges

The Associated Press reports that groups are starting to run ads in six states with wavering Senators to try to affect whether a Senate vote is allowed. Link.
A costly advertising war erupted Monday over President Bush’s controversial court nominees, with opposing groups vowing to spend at least $1 million each over the next two weeks. [...]

Over the next two weeks, Progress For America intends to spend $350,000 on “radio ads on Christian stations” and $1.5 million on television ads in six targeted states as well as nationally, according to one internal estimate.

“Senate Democrats have abused the rules and refused to even allow a vote,” says the television ad. “So courtrooms sit empty, while thousands of Americans have their cases delayed.”

The ad says it’s the job of a senator to vote, adding: “Urge your senators to vote, up or down.”

Neas, whose group has strong Democratic ties, said it would air its commercial in the same media markets. He said the group would spend more than $1 million over two weeks on television, radio and newspaper advertisements.

The ad criticizes the two nominees whom Progress for America defended in its own commercial, Priscilla Owen and Janice Rogers Brown. [...]

The states are Alaska, Arkansas, Maine, Nebraska, North Dakota and Rhode Island—home to many of the Republicans least enamored of their party’s position on judicial confirmation.

Compare what the ads will say and guess which will be more effective. One side will inform people that a minority of Senators are blocking the Senate from performing their constitutional duty to vote up or down on judicial nominations. Most people will not know this because the MSM has refused to tell them. Instead, they have been told that the Bush Administration want its nominees confirmed event though a majority of Senators oppose them. These ads will ask them to tell their Senators to allow a vote.

The other side will merely attack two of the nominees. This may be an argument for Senators to vote against them, but it is not an argument to block the Senate from voting. All the Republicans are asking for is a vote, no matter which way the vote goes. When people know this, they overwhelmingly support the Republicans. The problem is that they must learn about it, and ads are necessary for this. The MSM will not tell them the truth on this issue.


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