Thursday, May 05, 2005

Gee, You Mean it Wasn't Just Tom DeLay

Drudge reports that the number of Congressmen found to have done exactly what Tom DeLay is accused of keeps growing. Link.
The scandal over Congressional travel continues to grow, with at least 14 Members, as well as numerous Capitol Hill staffers, are now under scrutiny because of the sources of funding for domestic and overseas trips they took.

ROLL CALL reports: Although House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is by far the most high-profile lawmaker caught up in the scandal so far, to this point, more Democrats than Republicans have found themselves the subject of news reports outlining potential violations of House ethics rules for taking trips funded by registered lobbyists or lobbying firms.

The number is sure to rise as researchers for both parties, as well as reporters and political activists, continue to dig through tens of thousands of pages of travel documents on file with Congress. [...]

But House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Wednesday that Democrats cannot be considered in the same category as Republicans when it comes to ethics problems.

Of course they can't. This was never about ethics. It doesn't matter if 14 or 400 other members did the exact same thing. It is only an ethics violation if Tom DeLay did it, and, in fact, anything that Tom DeLay does is, by definition, an ethics violation. Just ask Nancy Pelosi or the New York Times.


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