Saturday, May 21, 2005

Anti-Reid Ads Running in Nevada

The Washington Times reports that Progress for America is running ads in Nevada that attack Senator Harry Reid. Link.
The ads, which begin running today in Nevada, highlight derogatory comments Mr. Reid has made about major figures such as President Bush, whom he called "a loser," Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, whom he called "a hack," and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, whom he said was an "embarrassment." [...]

The ads use the same message that Republicans used last year in unseating the former Senate Democratic leader, Tom Daschle of South Dakota. He lost his bid for re-election amid Republican charges he had abandoned South Dakota values to become the chief obstacle to Mr. Bush's policies.

The ads cost $50,000 and run through Tuesday on major networks in Las Vegas. They come as Mr. Reid is leading the Democrats' effort on the showdown over Mr. Bush's appellate court nominees, which comes to a head with key votes next week.
"Now Reid refuses to even allow judges the courtesy of an up-or-down vote," the ad's announcer says. "Is this the same Harry Reid we've come to know? What ever happened to Harry?"

Obviously, Progress for America is taking a long view. Reid just won reelection, and he won't have to face the voters for a while. However, it may be easier to hit him hard when he does run again if seeds of doubt had been planted in voters' minds over the preceding years. The ads also may remind other Democrats that will run in 2006 about Tom Daschle, and how these groups can come after them in their own states if they remain obstructionist.


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