Saturday, April 09, 2005

Why Blog and Read Blogs

Over at The Volokh Conspiracy, Eugene Volokh has an interesting summary on why some people blog and why some people read blogs. Link. (Scroll down to the third posting.) It is all good reading, and I could not pick out a few best quotes to reprint here. Read the whole thing.

I recognized myself in both sides of his descriptions. I had read blogs for a few years before I started OpinionMeister. I was enriched by them for almost every reason that Mr. Volokh gives. In addition, with the Internet offering access to newspapers all over the country and all over the world, I scanned a growing number of them without a single tree being cut down on my behalf. Reading a paper near the source of a story often gave me much better coverage than a distant newspaper, relying on the AP, could.

The post got me thinking about why I started this blog. I had spent a career writing on investment topics, and I enjoyed putting my ideas down on paper (actually on a computer screen). Following investments kept me interested in just about everything, because anything can affect investments, especially something that you did not take the time to learn about. I have strong opinions on most topics, and I often see angles to stories I am reading that are not covered in the articles. This blog gives me a good excuse to do all the reading I probably would do anyway, and having to write out my opinions forces me to organize my thoughts far better than I might have done otherwise. So it appears that this blog is good for me. I hope it also is helpful to my readers.


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