Tuesday, April 26, 2005

President Has Faith in DeLay

Actions speak louder than words. The Associated Press reports that the President has included Tom DeLay in his traveling dog and pony show on Social Security. Link.
GALVESTON, Texas - President Bush on Tuesday added a helper to his Social Security road tour: House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who is facing allegations of ethical improprieties but is seen by the White House as crucial to pushing Bush's plans through Congress.

Bush was traveling here to discuss his proposal to add private investment accounts to Social Security and included DeLay in the event being held near his district to show that "the president appreciates his leadership in the House," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said. DeLay was also scheduled to fly back to Washington with Bush on Air Force One along with a few other Republican members of Congress from Texas.

It is good to see a Republican elected official who is not afraid of the New York Times and the Washington Post. With most Republican presidents and House and Senate leaders, any fellow Republican who was consistently attacked by these two liberal powerhouses would be left dangling in the wind. President Bush stands by his judicial and UN nominees, no matter how much the MSM blasts them for nonexistent wrongdoings, and it is internal consistency that has him supporting a very effective majority leader who, day in and day out is accused of doing what just about every member of Congress does routinely, with the Times/Post/CBS/ABC/NBC/CNN shocked! shocked! that such goings on could occur in our pristine and innocent Congress.


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