Friday, April 22, 2005

New Cover-up Going On

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article concerning the special prosecutor appointed 10 years ago to investigate Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros. Link. (subscription required) Mr. Cisneros pleaded guilty in 1999 to lying to FBI investigators (and was pardoned by President Clinton in 2001), but the final report of the special prosecutor, required by law, was never released. Mr. Cisneros' lawyers have tied it up with 160 appeals, and now three Democratic Senators - Byron Dorgan, John Kerry, and Richard Durbin - are trying to shut down the prosecutor without the required report being made public.
So what don't Democrats want everyone to know? We're told that early on the Barrett probe moved away from Mr. Cisneros and his mistress and focused on an attempted cover-up by the Clinton Administration, especially involving the IRS.

Back in the early '90s Mr. Cisneros was considered the rising savior of the Democratic Party in Texas. "So there were people who wanted to save his political future," a source tells us. To that end, when the IRS began investigating him for tax fraud an extraordinary thing happened: The investigation was taken from the IRS district office that would always handle such an audit and moved to Washington, where it was killed.

"Never in the history of the IRS has a case been pulled out of the regional office and taken directly to Washington," our source continues. This information was originally provided to Mr. Barrett, some years into his investigation, by a whistleblower in the IRS regional office with 30 years of experience.

Using his subpoena power, Mr. Barrett also found that the IRS would not have been able to kill the case on its own. It had to have cooperation from the Justice Department, particularly the Public Integrity and Tax divisions. We're told Mr. Barrett beat back several attempts by Justice to squelch or otherwise limit his investigation, and that a lot of important names from the Clinton era appear in the report.
It seems we still are not free of Clinton-era scandals and efforts by the Democrats to derail any investigation of them. After eight years of slime, I was hoping that we could "put this behind us and move on." However, it looks like the Democrats still won't let us.


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