Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Iraqi Cabinet Finalized

BBC reports that the cabinet list has been finalized and submitted for a vote. Link.
Iraq's new prime minister has submitted his new government for approval, ending months of political deadlock.

Ibrahim Jaafari's proposal, to include representatives all of Iraq's main ethnic and religious groups, needs to be approved a majority of MPs. [...]

There are indications that Sunni Arabs, who boycotted January's elections, are poised to receive several key portfolios.

At least seven women are also thought to be among the 32 or 33 names on Mr Jaafari's list. [...]

Mr Jaafari submitted his list to Iraq's three-man presidential council, who will in turn submit it to MPs in the country's National Assembly.

A vote is expected to be held on Thursday, with a simple majority needed among the 275 members for the government to win approval.

If all goes well the new government could be functioning within a few days, our correspondent says.
There has been a lot of frustration with how long this process has taken, but sometimes miracles take time. These are not people who are used to working together in a democratic fashion. The various ethnic groups there were held together under Saddam by total terror, just like the rival ethnic groups in the former Yugoslavia were held together by firm Communist control. Look what happened there when the central authority collapsed and you can get an idea of how miraculous the developments in Iraq have been.

Forget timetables. We are seeing consistent progress in the country, and if it takes a little longer than total optimists had hoped, big deal.


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