Thursday, April 28, 2005

Internet Advertising in the Big Leagues

Jeff Jarvis posts some very interesting figures from Ad Age. Link.
In terms of revenue, Google's estimated $3 billion and Yahoo's $2.9 billion compare with $6.2 billion for the big nets' prime time. And their market cap is up with the big boys: Google is No. 2 behind Time Warner; Yahoo is No. five behind Disney and News Corp. as well.

This is another milestone in the slow death of the old media. The only surprise is how quickly advertising has moved to the Internet, especially to its two largest companies. Ads placed on a TV network buy mass eyeballs, many of which are barely focused on the TV set. Ads placed with Google and Yahoo are shown to those who express an interest in subject matters that relates to the ads. It is like mailing ads to a carefully chosen list, rather than putting them out in front of everybody, no matter how unlikely it is that there would be any interest.


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