Friday, April 29, 2005

International Help Needed for Invaded Island

Deutche Welle has a report headlined "Weasel Squad on Standby for Greek Mission." Link.
A Greek island suffering under the heel of a brutal invasion could be the first mission for a yet untried regiment of German Special Forces.

The inhabitants of the island of Lemnos, which has been under siege for some time, are considering sending out a distress call for the crack German troops in a bid to end the occupation which is threatening their livelihoods.

It appears that the invaders are wild rabbits that are wreaking havoc with the local farmers. The farmers want to hunt the rabbits, but Greek law forbids it. So they want to bring in specially trained German weasels to eliminate the rabbits.
Enter the Weasel Squad…or at least this is where they would enter if they weren't just so expensive to hire. "I've heard that each one costs about 4,400 euros ($5706)," Baveas sighed. "We would need at least 10 weasels," he dejectedly added.

Unconfirmed rumors of shady deals involving less well-trained but equally ruthless Austrian mercenary weasels were allegedly circulating in some desperate corners of Lemnos.

We all knew that Germany was a member of the Axis of Weasels, but I never realized that they took it so literally.


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