Friday, April 15, 2005

Get DeLay

Ben Stein writes in American Spectator that there are two reasons why the Democrats and the liberal media are out to get Tom DeLay: He tells the truth and he is effective. Link.
He told the truth about how we have an out of control court system. He told the truth about an unelected elite in black robes literally enacting a slow motion coup against the Constitutional authority of the Congress. He told the truth about the brutality and viciousness of the killing of the totally innocent Terri Schiavo -- killed, again, in a manner so cruel we would not let a serial child rapist and murderer be executed that way. (...)

Second, he is effective. He gets the job done in redistricting Texas to take away the Democrat gerrymander and elect more Republicans to Congress. This mirrors the electoral preference of Texans, but it terrifies the other side, accustomed as it is to using the gerrymander to get more seats in Congress than it has popular votes in the nation. He gets the President's agenda through Congress. He does not suffer fools or hypocrites gladly.

The only thing I would add is that the redistricting that DeLay engineered, while justified, was not quite as benign as Stein describes. It was the typical round of replacing one party's gerrymandering with the other party's gerrymandering, that nearly always occurs when control of state government shifts. It was a move toward fairness, since under the previous gerrymandering a minority of voters elected a majority of congressmen. Still, the lines were not drawn to be objectively fair, but to secure safe districts for Republicans.

Moving from one gerrymandered situation where a minority of voters elect a majority of congressmen, to another gerrymandered situation where a majority of voters elect a majority of congressmen is a move in the right direction, Yet it still pales before a move to take redistricting out of the hands of politicians, as Governor Schwarzenegger is trying to do in California.


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