Tuesday, March 22, 2005

UN Lied About Paying Sevan's Legal Bills

The New York Sun Reports:
After months of denials, the United Nations admitted yesterday that, in an exception to its own rules, it has paid for the legal defense of Benon Sevan. The U.N.'s own investigation panel denounced Mr. Sevan for his central role in the oil-for-food scandal that has engulfed the world body. (...)

Up until late last week, the U.N. said it had not paid any of Mr. Sevan's legal fees. But yesterday, U.N. spokesman Fred Eckhard told The New York Sun that the U.N. had been paying his legal bills up until last month.

Mr. Eckhard refused to disclose the sum paid, saying that the legal bills submitted by Mr. Sevan "will be reviewed" by U.N. legal experts, indicating that the exact figure may change. Sources who refused to be named told the Sun, however, that the costs exceed $300,000.

Like with Watergate, the coverup was far worst than the original offense. Kofi Annan may or may not have authorized the payments, which violated UN rules, but he must have known that such payments were being made, and he must have known that UN spokesmen were lying about the payments. The long list of reasons why Mr. Annan is a total disgrace to the UN and must leave office just keeps getting longer and longer. No democratic government in the world would allow a prime minister or president with Mr. Annan's record to remain in office. The largest corruption scheme in history, rape and pedophilia by UN peacekeepers, despotic regimes sitting on the Human Rights Commission, and now lying about breaking UN rules to support the head of the Food For Peace bribery collection office. How much longer does the list have to grow?


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