Sunday, March 27, 2005

Stirrings in Zimbabwe

BBC reports on the beginnings of a Ukraine, Georgia or Kyrgyzstan in Zimbabwe. Link.
A senior Church leader in Zimbabwe has openly called for a peaceful uprising against President Robert Mugabe.

Catholic Archbishop Pius Ncube told the Johannesburg-based Sunday Independent newspaper he hoped the people would oust Mr Mugabe after Thursday's poll.

He said the parliamentary ballot had already been fixed to ensure the ruling Zanu-PF party won, and urged a "non-violent, popular mass uprising".

Mugabe is an example, all too common in Africa of "One Man. One Vote. One Time." He was elected in 1980, and that was the last fair election Zimbabwe has had. He is a thug, with a lot of blood on his hands. However, that does not mean that his security forces will necessarily side with him if a truly mass, peaceful revolt arises. If huge numbers of unarmed citizens come out for a nonviolent demonstration after another crooked election, security forces will have to decide either to shoot them down or to let Mr. Mugabe fall.


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