Monday, March 07, 2005

Perspective From the Hollywood Left

The Guardian has an article headlined "She was gang-raped on the orders of village elders. Yesterday, Mukhtaran Bibi's nightmare began again." Link. It was one more story about brutality toward women in the Muslim world. It read like hundreds of them that had run before, until the final two paragraphs. Here we get the perspective of the Hollywood left on the situation.
Yesterday the actor Meryl Streep listed Pakistan and Britain among dozens of countries that have reneged on promises to revoke laws discriminating against women, which were made at a UN conference in Beijing 10 years ago.

"A woman cannot vote in Kuwait. She cannot drive in Saudi Arabia. She is barred from working on military submarines in Britain. In Pakistan, if a woman is raped she must have four Muslim adult male witnesses to secure justice, failing which she may herself be considered guilty of fornication," Streep said.

Besides the obvious error of calling Meryl Streep an "actor" instead of an "actress", (it is probably another peculiarity of Queen's English) can you see something else wrong with this statement? I do not think the Guardian noticed, but, while the quote equated four things, one of them seems a bit different from the other three. Women in Pakistan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia also cannot serve on military submarines, but to the best of my knowledge, British women can vote, can drive, and have legal recourse if they are raped. I am pretty sure that the same is true of the women who live in Hollywood.


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