Sunday, March 20, 2005

More UN Peacekeeper Pedophiles

The Weekly Australian reports on pedophiles among the Jordanians in the UN peacekeeping force in East Timor. Link.
AUSTRALIAN soldiers drew arms to protect themselves from Jordanian peacekeepers after a Digger blew the whistle on other Jordanian soldiers' sexual abuse of East Timorese boys.

Corporal Andrew Wratten had to be evacuated and Australian commandos sent to protect Diggers in Oecussi, an East Timorese province in Indonesian West Timor, after he told the UN of the pedophilia that occurred in May 2001. (...)

Corporal Wratten, who was working at a fuel dump in the enclave, was told by a group of children that Jordanian soldiers had offered food and money in exchange for oral sex and intercourse.

The allegations involved East Timorese minors, all boys, the youngest of them just 12 years old.

"Wratten informed PKF (peacekeeping force) that he had been receiving complaints from local children about Jorbatt (Jordan Battalion) abuse," said a senior UN official who was based in Oecussi at the time.

"A Jordanian officer in HQ informed Jorbatt that he had ratted on them. Wratten and his guys manning the helo (helicopter) refuelling pad in Oecussi town started getting threatened.

I cannot think of a single instance where UN "peacekeepers" actually helped the population they were supposedly protecting. If one side wants to massacre the other side, UN peacekeepers stand aside and let it happen, even when they are European (Srebrenicia).

The last time the UN accomplished anything positive was Korea 1950-53. In the case of Israel and the Palestinians, the UN has kept festering a conflict that would have been solved fifty years ago if the UN either did not exist or totally stayed out of it. As an organization, the UN props up dictators and only accuses democracies of human rights abuses. It is worse than useless. It is an odious force for evil in the world.


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