Saturday, March 12, 2005

More on Ward Churchill

Glenn Reynolds found two interesting articles in the Rocky Mountain News. Link. Link.
University of Colorado officials investigating embattled professor Ward Churchill received documents this week purporting to show that he plagiarized another professor's work.

Officials at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia sent CU an internal 1997 report detailing allegations about an article Churchill wrote. "The article . . . is, in the opinion of our legal counsel, plagiarism," Dalhousie spokesman Charles Crosby said in summarizing the report's findings. (...)

Dalhousie began an investigation after professor Fay G. Cohen complained that Churchill used her research and writing in an essay without her permission and without giving her credit. Although the investigation substantiated her allegations, Cohen didn't pursue the matter because she felt threatened by Churchill, Crosby said.

And the second article:
Allegations that University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill plagiarized and threatened a professor in Canada scuttled negotiations Friday for a financial settlement that would have ended Churchill's employment at CU.

He should have grabbed the cash settlement when it was first offered. For someone who lied his way into a position and then into tenure, there was bound to be something in his background that constituted grounds for firing him. The plagiarism alone is enough. If it also is true and provable that he threatened the source of his plagiarism if she exposed him, that could be grounds for criminal charges. This story still is far from over.


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