Monday, March 07, 2005

More Fallout From Bush Doctrine

BBC News reports that the Kuwaiti parliament is speeding up work on a bill to grant women the vote, as hundreds of men and women demonstrated in front of the parliament building. Link.
Kuwait's parliament has agreed to speed up moves towards a law to grant women the same political rights as men.

The decision came amid noisy street rallies by women activists, who were also permitted to watch the debate. (...)

The cabinet has already approved a bill allowing women to vote and stand in elections, but it has been delayed in parliament by the strong Islamist bloc.

The government has run a rare campaign on state-run television and radio to win public support for the bill, as conservative opponents stage near-daily protests.

Reuters, in writing of the demonstration, added:
"Women's rights now," chanted the crowd, which included women dressed in abayas, or traditional long black cloaks. Some of the demonstrators at Monday's protest wore veils over their faces.

"Our democracy will only be complete with women," said a placard written in Arabic. "We are not less, you are not more. We need a balance, open the door," said one written in English.

Of course, any Democrat will tell you that Arab countries have always been like this, and these demonstrations, along with the ones in Lebanon and Egypt, would have occurred years earlier if only George W. Bush hadn't angered the Arab Street so much.


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