Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Mideast News so Good Even the NYT Notices

I have been checking the weather reports, but I cannot find confirmation that Hell has frozen over. Yet the circumstantial evidence is convincing. In an Editorial, the New York Times recognizes that good things are happening in the Middle East and credits President Bush for having something to do with it. Link.
It's not even spring yet, but a long-frozen political order seems to be cracking all over the Middle East. Cautious hopes for something new and better are stirring along the Tigris and the Nile, the elegant boulevards of Beirut, and the impoverished towns of the Gaza Strip. (...)

Still, this has so far been a year of heartening surprises - each one remarkable in itself, and taken together truly astonishing. The Bush administration is entitled to claim a healthy share of the credit for many of these advances. It boldly proclaimed the cause of Middle East democracy at a time when few in the West thought it had any realistic chance. And for all the negative consequences that flowed from the American invasion of Iraq, there could have been no democratic elections there this January if Saddam Hussein had still been in power.

Maybe next week they will come out for school vouchers and private social security accounts. Perhaps the World has passed through one of those space warps that the Enterprise kept running into in Star Trek.


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