Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mapes Sells Book Rights

Crain's New York Business reports that Mary Mapes has found a buyer for her book defending the authenticity of the forged Killian memos. Link.
St. Martin's Press has agreed to pay in the high six figures to publish a book by Ms. Mapes tentatively titled The Other Side of the Story. According to publishing executives who met with the news producer last week, the book is still in the early stages, but will focus on the 60 Minutes Wednesday report that filled in the missing details--and painted a highly unflattering picture--of President George W. Bush's Air National Guard service. The story was discredited when memos at the heart of the reporting could not be authenticated.

Ms. Mapes continues to insist that the story was accurate, and that the documents were not forged. The book will present a detailed counterattack against an independent panel's findings that the segment should not have aired, and will include documentation and analysis that she says backs up her reporting and which the panel did not release.

On March 2 I wrote about this, when she was still shopping the book. My comments are still relevant.
You have to feel sorry for a publisher who buys a book that later proves to be a fraud, but how can you feel sorry for a publisher who buys a book that was proven to be a fraud before the rights were purchased. If anyone wants the rights to this clunker, I have some underwater real estate that you really should have a look at.

I guess it's time to contact my real estate broker and have him get in touch with St. Martin's Press.


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