Friday, March 11, 2005

Italian Journalist Followup

Captain's Quarters has a review of the new information coming out about the shooting of Giuliana Sgrena's car in Iraq. Link.
The AP reports that the Italian story of Giuliana Sgrena's release and later wounding at an American checkpoint, which also resulted in the death of intelligence agent Nicola Calipari, continues to fall apart. Two Italian newspapers now say that the general in charge of the Sgrena operation did not inform the US that Calipari's mission was to free Sgrena, and one of them reports that General Mario Maroli (the coalition forces' second-in-command) didn't even know it himself.

Also, Sgrena changed her story in a significant way.
"It's not true that they shot into the engine," she told Corriere della Sera, adding that the shooting came "from the right and from behind." (...)

Either one would have to believe that the checkpoint soldiers stopped the car and then shot it out -- from behind! -- or that the car never stopped at the checkpoint and traveled so fast that the soldiers could only catch up to it as it passed through.

This may back up my speculation in a March 7 post that "This also may explain why the driver did not slow down when told to by the soldiers. He probably thought that all had been arranged with the Americans for his car to proceed with all due haste to the airport. When intelligence services play cute games, people can die."

The driver was unhurt and can answer questions. He may just hold the key to how lousy communications led to this unfortunate accident.


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