Saturday, March 12, 2005

Is This a Trend?

Jeff Jarvis posts about two bits of good news this last week and hopes that they constitute a trend. The first, from Al Jazeera, is:
Spain's leading Islamic body has issued a religious order declaring Usama bin Ladin to have forsaken Islam by backing attacks such as the Madrid train bombings a year ago.

And the second, from the Lebanese Lobby News, is:
The European Parliament, meanwhile, branded Hezbollah a "terrorist" group Thursday, urging European Union ministers to take action against the organization.

We have frequently commented on how the success of the Bush Doctrine has caused its opponents, one by one, to recognize its success, even if they continue to disagree with the philosophy behind it. After all, even the New York Times has recognized its success. Why not Muslims and Europeans?

Whether or not they make a trend, these two news items are important. We are constantly told that the vast majority of Muslims do not approve of terrorism, but we hardly have seen any Muslim organization or religious leader publicly speak out against it. They had good reason to fear doing so, and this fatwa shows that some are gaining confidence that the US and its coalition of the willing will defeat those that threaten them.

As to the Europeans, they face an internal threat in the form of vast numbers of Muslim immigrants. Their attitude appears to have been "appease, and others will bear the brunt of the terror." This is no truer of the Islamofascists than it was of the Nazis. Europeans know that appeasement did not work with the Nazis. Perhaps they are beginning to realize that it was not something unique to the Nazis, but to totalitarian thugs in general. They may even have noticed that the unilateralist, warlike, aggression of that stupid cowboy corresponded with four years without a successful terrorist attack on the United States.


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