Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Interview With John O'Neill

Little Green Footballs has an American Enterprise interview with John O'Neill of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, concerning the founding of the group and its early difficulty. Link. A sample:
TAE: At the Swift Boat veterans’ May 4 press conference you had an open letter calling Kerry unfit to be Commander in Chief. It was signed by virtually all of John Kerry’s commanders in Vietnam. Yet the story fell flat. The media ignored it. How did your group react to the media blackout?

O’NEILL: We were shocked. We couldn’t believe it. I haven’t been involved in politics or media relations, and I thought the job of the media was primarily to report the facts. It was obvious to me that many hundreds of his former comrades coming forward to say that he lied about his record in Vietnam and that he was unfit to be President would be important information for Americans. I only then became aware of the bias of the media.

TAE: How do you explain the media’s response?

O’NEILL: The establishment media was very pro-Kerry. They were opposed to any story that was critical of Kerry, and I believe that they were captured by their own bias. We met with one reporter around that time. We told a story to him relating to Kerry’s service. He acknowledged it was true and terribly important. And he told us he would not print it because it would help George Bush. That’s when we began to realize we had a real problem on our hands.

The Swift Boat Vets disproved all the leftist claptrap about money buying elections. MoveOn and ACT spent $65 million, mostly of Soros' money. but they did not buy a single vote because their ads were a pack of obvious lies, and they only preached to the converted. With half a million dollars and the truth on their side, the Swift Boat Vets turned the election around. When Kerry's own comrades stepped forward to tell the American people about his war service and how his congressional testimony hurt our POWs, people listened. They were the most credible and trustworthy group of people I have ever seen in any election campaign.


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