Sunday, March 13, 2005

How Goes the Blogosphere?

Daniel Drezner has compiled one poll and several reports dealing with the influence of political blogs. Link. There is too much stuff there to summarize briefly, so just follow the link there.

I heartily agree with Mystery Pollster that how many people read or view a medium is less important than who reads it and how influenced they are by it. In the blogosphere, a reader has literally thousands of choices, so the blogs he reads will be the ones he trusts. That causes him to be very influenced by what he reads there. Twenty years ago, large numbers of people trusted the New York Times, and its influence was far greater than it is today.

Some of the reports dealt with the interconnectedness of the blogosphere. This extends what was said above. Bloggers link to other blogs they trust, so information there also gets passed on to their readers, reinforced by the trust the linking blogger has with his readers.


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