Friday, March 18, 2005

Hillary Takes on Hollywood

Brent Bozell writes of Senator Clinton's jabs at Hollywood. Link.
It's too bad John Kerry never had the courage to take on Hollywood as a presidential candidate. (...)Would it surprise you that Hillary Clinton is not going to make that mistake?

Last week, the Kaiser Family Foundation released a new study on the media habits of children. They found that the bedrooms of America's youth have become multi-media centers, from the iPod, to the Gamecube, to the TV, ripe with raunch. Sadly, the children surveyed said most parents don't set or enforce any rules on media usage.

There, in the Kaiser spotlight, was Senator Clinton to lend her star power to the message as their keynote speaker. She noted she has worked on a bipartisan basis with Senators Rick Santorum, Sam Brownback and Joe Lieberman to get the federal government to research the media's effects on children. She expressed support for parents and even grandparents raising children and the need to support them by talking about media literacy and putting more emphasis on showing parents a program's rating after every commercial.

It appears that the village it takes to raise a child has now boiled down to parents and grandparents, and, for a Democrat, the federal government of course. Hillary knows politics and she wants to run for president. She knows that voicing far-left-wing ideas drives away the mainstream of American voters. If she spends the next three years saying sensible, middle-of-the-road things, it is possible she might even convince herself. Doubtful but possible. We can always hope.


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