Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Giuliani vs Hillary in 2006?

Deroy Murdock has a column in NRO advising Giuliani to take out the junior NY senator in 2006 if he wants a chance for the presidential nomination in 2008. Link.
A boulder now blocks Rudolph W. Giuliani's path to the White House: a nagging suspicion among conservatives that he is too liberal for the Republican presidential nomination. (...)

If Giuliani wants the 2008 GOP nod, he needs to help conservatives across America understand what New Yorkers already know: Giuliani is an anvil-tough, free-market reformer who dramatically limited Gotham's government. (...)

Extracting Hillary Clinton from the Senate "would change everything," says ACU's David Keene. "That would be a totally different picture. Rudy has a lifetime record on a host of issues that concerns conservatives. That record could be canceled out, and he could become a conservative hero, by taking Hillary out. We do believe in redemption, but you have to pay some penance."

"If Rudy could beat Hillary and bring back the vote we lost in New York — which would help strengthen the president's agenda on judicial nominees and the defense budget — we would be open to giving him a second look," says Bob Bevill, president of New Hampshire Eagle Forum. "However, he would have to convert to being a Red Sox fan."

Giuliani is like Schwarzenegger. He is conservative on nearly all issues except abortion and gays. California Republicans were willing to live with disagreements on these two issues because he was so electable, and, in general, they are delighted with the new governor. Giuliani is very electable throughout the country, especially in the form many consider a dream team Giuliani/Rice. One must not make the mistake of waiting for a politician you agree with 100% of the time before backing anyone. That is the surest way to have your opponents win elections.


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