Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Europe Backing Wolfowitz

BBC reports that Paul Wolfowitz has received European backing to be the next president of the World Bank. Link.
Paul Wolfowitz looks set to be confirmed as the new head of the World Bank in New York on Thursday, after winning Europe's backing.

The US deputy defence secretary's nomination stirred controversy, given his key role in the Iraq war and lack of development experience.

But after a meeting on Wednesday in Brussels, European leaders said they expected approval of his nomination.

Europe is hoping to secure one of the two vacant vice-presidential posts.

So much for the MSM columnists and talking heads, who assured us that Mr. Wolfowitz could never receive the European votes necessary to assume the post. I posted on March 16 that I think Wolfowitz is perfect for the post, given the reforms needed at the World Bank. It is good to see that the Europeans can overcome their single-issue objection to him (Iraq) in order to see how well qualified he is to run the bank. If the World Bank starts to have money follow liberalizing reforms, rather than throwing good money after bad at dictators, whose policies perpetuate the poverty that the World Bank is trying to alleviate, we can start to see some real progress on having poverty decline.


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