Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ashley Smith's Story

Peggy Noonan gives in its entirety the testimony that Ashley Smith gave to reporters she met in her lawyer's office. Link. It is a must read in its entirety, so no excerpts.

You will never see a story like this out of Hollywood. A scared, angry murderer on the run kidnaps a young woman in order to hide in her apartment. She is a devout, believing Christian and they talk calmly for seven hours, and she reads him a passage from a religiously-inspired book. At the end, he surrenders to the police without a fight, apparently a changed man.

Just about the only thing you read or see in the media concerning religion, is when a suicide bomber kills innocent infidels for Islam. Yes, people have done terrible things in the name of religion, but the worst atrocities of the last century were committed in the name of atheistic isms. It is a wonderful read to be reminded that religion also can inspire people to do good and commit selfless acts. I hope some judges who believe that the Constitution requires that any hint of religiosity be removed from any govenrmental action or facility read Ms. Noonan's column.


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