Monday, February 07, 2005

Will They be Able to Stop Hillary?

The New York Metro reports on a new PAC being formed with the intention of bloodying Hillary during her 2006 Senate reelection run. Link.
Arthur Finkelstein, the political guru who helped create George Pataki, now wants to Swift Boat-ize Hillary Clinton. Senior New York Republicans say he’s creating a political action committee called “Stop Her Now”—all you need is the pronoun with this crowd, apparently—which will attempt to raise more than $10 million nationwide to use against Her during Her 2006 reelection campaign. The PAC will “bloody her up long before her presidential run,” vows a top state Republican, adding the model is indeed the Swift Boat Vets. Stop Her Now will bludgeon Clinton with ads, whether or not the New York GOP has found a candidate to take her on, which is looking increasingly difficult.

Hillary has never been held to account for her $100,000 "futures trading profit" that looks suspiciously like a bribe. All records have been destroyed, but the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. A lobbyist wanting favors from her husband opens accounts for himself and for her, for which he is the "advisor". He chooses as a broker a man who was disciplined for not assigning trades until the end of the day. That is very important.

Picture this scenario. In the super-leveraged world of futures trading, most of your profit or loss can usually be made in the first day. A trade is placed, but not assigned to an account. At the end of the day, if it is profitable it goes to the "advised" account, and if it is at a loss, it goes into the lobbyist's account. The trade is closed out early the next day. Voila, guaranteed profits for one party and guaranteed losses for the other. You could not prove it in court beyond a reasonable doubt, but the burden of proof is different when selling it to voters.


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