Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Who Was the Loser?

After pointing to numerous articles that declared Bush the big winner in Sunday's Iraq election, James Taranto concludes:
At one level it's obvious that the election is a big win for Bush, whose Iraq policy seems vindicated. But in another sense it's weird. The servicemen who liberated Iraq and secured the election did so on behalf of America, not the Republican Party. This should have been a triumph for the nation, not just the GOP.

That it was not is entirely the Democrats' fault, for it was they who followed the lead of America's Baathist remnants and opposed the Iraq liberation on a partisan basis--even after many, including Kedwards, voted for it. As we wrote in a prescient June 30 item, "The Democrats are in the position of hoping that America loses its 'gamble' in Iraq--a politically and morally hazardous thing to hope for."

The Democrats' decision to put party over country was bad for the country, but much worse for the party.

It is like we keep reading about Muslims. Most do not agree with the terrorists, but until very recently, no moderate voices were raised against them. There must be some Democrats besides Lieberman who disagree with the Dean/Kennedy wing of the party, but I sure haven't heard a peep from them. What Reid and Pelosi said was barely half a peep.


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