Saturday, February 26, 2005

Score One More For the Domino Theory

The Associated Press reports on democratic progress in Egypt. Link.
CAIRO, Egypt - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Saturday ordered a revision of the country's election laws and said multiple candidates could run in the nation's presidential elections, a scenario Mubarak hasn't faced since taking power in 1981.

The surprise announcement, a response to critics' calls for political reform, comes shortly after historic elections in Iraq and the Palestinian territories, balloting that brought a taste of democracy to the region. It also comes amid a sharp dispute with the United States over Egypt's arrest of one of the strongest proponents of multi-candidate elections.

"The election of a president will be through direct, secret balloting, giving the chance for political parties to run for the presidential elections and providing guarantees that allow more than one candidate for the people to choose among them with their own will," Mubarak said in an address broadcast live on Egyptian television.

Last Tuesday, I had a post concerning a demonstration in Cairo calling for real elections and commented
Coming on top of the much larger protest in Beirut, Lebanon, this is one more bit of proof that the "Bush Doctrine" is fundamentally transforming the Muslim World in general and the Arab World in particular. These moves are very optimistic for peace in the world over the long term.

The speed with which these dominoes are falling is truly spectacular. The idea that democracy could work in the Arab World has spread from one president and a few neo-con advisors to a few billion people. At this rate, some day it might even penetrate the New York Times.


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