Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Photo ID to Vote

Redstate has a post about a bill in the Georgia legislature, S.B. 84. Link. The bill:
will require voters to show photographic identification in order to vote at polling locations. This legislation, if passed, will be one more step towards stamping out voter fraud.

This should be the norm in all 50 states, and proof of citizenship should be required to register. This used to be the case in most states, but the Left has shouted "Intimidation!" and intimidated most states into taking the word of anyone who shows up at the polls, without any proof. Voting fraud is a major problem in several states, especially in urban centers under the thumb of a Democratic Machine. Nobody shouted "intimidation" over the pictures of delighted Iraqi voters holding up their ink-stained fingers. I have more faith in the honesty of that election than ones in many US cities.


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