Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Not Just a Cub Reporter

I have seen a lot of articles about Eason Jordan's very stupid statement that US troops have been targeting journalists. The articles just identified him as "of CNN" and I did not know how important he is there. Brainster's Blog answered my question. Link.
Eason Jordan is executive vice president and chief news executive of CNN. He chairs the CNN Editorial Board, is a member of the CNN Executive Committee and provides strategic advice to CNN's senior management team. (...)

The irony here is that Jordan was the dope who admitted that CNN had watered down its coverage of Saddam and Iraq back in the bad old days, partially to ensure access and partially for the safety of his reporters.
He seems to have been worried that Saddam would have targeted his reporters if they told the truth. Not to worry, Mr. Jordan. Hardly any reporters in Iraq today tell the truth, so your comparisons with the old Iraq are as valid as your network's frequent comparisons to Vietnam.

Liberals love to call Republicans "the stupid party." I think it is time to start calling CNN "the stupid news source." They seem to hire just about every dingbat available.


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