Sunday, February 27, 2005

Israel and PA Cooperating on Tel Aviv Bombing

The Washington Times reports on cooperative efforts to arrest those responsible for the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. Link.
Israeli and Palestinian security services yesterday arrested seven persons in connection with the suicide bombing the night before, a sign that a budding cooperative spirit had not been crippled.
Israeli government officials decided against a massive retaliation for the bombing outside a Tel Aviv disco Friday night that killed four Israelis and wounded nearly 50 others.
The restraint came as evidence mounted that the bomber's goal was to sabotage new Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his policy of renewing negotiations with Israel. (...)

Israeli soldiers moved swiftly overnight Friday to raid the village of Deir al Ghusun, where Badran lived. Israelis arrested two of his brothers as well as the leader of the village mosque.
In a separate operation, newly empowered Palestinian security forces arrested two other men in the same area of the West Bank. Their identities were not released, but Palestinian security sources said they were Islamic Jihad members.

Arafat was willing to talk against terrorism, but would never act against it. It is looking more and more like Abbas is no Arafat. The dominoes that dropped in Afghanistan and Iraq might just lead toward some level of peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.


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