Saturday, February 26, 2005

Islamic "Honor Killing" in Berlin

Deutsche Welle reports that an Muslim woman was killed in Berlin by her brothers. Link. What was her crime that so dishonored her family?
Sürücü grew up in Berlin and was married off at 16 to a cousin in Istanbul. After a few years, she returned to the German capital with her young son, moved into a home for single mothers, completed school and began to train as an electrician. She stopped wearing a headscarf and was said to be outgoing and vivacious. (...)

Days after Hatin Sürücü was killed, some male students of Turkish origin at a high school near the scene of the crime reportedly downplayed the act. During a class discussion on the murder, one said, "She (Hatin Sürücü) only had herself to blame," while another remarked "She deserved what she got --the whore lived like a German." The school's director promptly dashed off a letter to parents and students, castigating the students and warning that the school didn’t tolerate incitement against freedom. (...)

Experts insist that the problem is in no way a purely "Islamic phenomenon" and that the remarks of a few shouldn't be allowed to taint an entire community. But, statistics in Berlin show that murders ostensibly meant to uphold the honor of the family are high among Muslims.

Where did they find these "experts." This is indeed a "purely Islamic phenomenon." Fifty years ago, a Sicilian or Greek unmarried girl who got pregnant faced a risk of being murdered by her father, but not today. And not even fifty years ago would she face death for moving out on her husband and into a home for single mothers with her legitimate son. These must be the same "experts" that insist that airport security search as many white, Midwestern grandmothers as young Arab men.


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