Sunday, February 27, 2005

Is This the Beginning of a Dean Exodus?

WBAL in Annapolis, MD. reports on the party switch of an Annapolis alderman. Link.
Annapolis Alderman George Kelley has crossed the aisle.

The long-time Democrat announced Monday that he had become a Republican.

Kelley said he made the decision after several years of "soul-searching" and said his core values were different from those espoused by the Democrats. (...)

Kelley also is black, and a friend of the state's first black lieutenant governor, Republican Michael Steele, who joined him at a news conference. Steele pointed to Kelley's switch as an example of the party's efforts to diversify.

There was no mention whether one factor in Kelly's decision was Dean's racially insensitive remarks that were attacked by Kelly's friend, the lieutenant governor. Time will tell whether this is a one-of-a-kind incident, or the opening of a flood-gate.


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