Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Honor Killings

Tech Central has a very interesting article about honor killings, which has spread from Muslim countries to Muslim communities in Europe. Link.

Which brings us to "honor killings", or, if you insist on clarity, the tolerance of the murder of girls and women for stepping out of line.

This is so routine in many Muslim societies, the perversity of it is seldom questioned within those societies. We know there is even provision for it in some countries, such as Jordan, which gives lesser penalties to men who commit "honor killings" to "remove a stain from the tribe" than for other murders. They also give a free pass to a man who kills his wife because he suspects she might have committed adultery, and a rapist has his sentence reduced if the woman he raped wasn't a virgin.(...)

And just as genital mutilation takes place in Britain with British doctors turning a blind eye in the name of "multiculturalism", so the murder of disobedient girls and women is countenanced, or at least not reported by the neighbors.

Infractions meriting the death penalty by dad are: being caught with make-up in one's purse, wearing "revealing" attire -- in other words, anything except a black serge curtain and a black pillowcase, refusing to marry the husband the family has chosen and made a deal with and, the worst capital crime in the book, going out with an indigenous British boy or a Lebanese Christian boy.

These are viewed as bringing "shame" on the family. Like murder doesn't.
Yet the left-wing "feminists" still support the Islamofascists, since Bush is against them. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" seems to trump the concept that feminism is supposed to look out for the good of women. You tell me: who has done more to help women; an administration that toppled the Taliban, or women who call themselves "feminists" and oppose "American aggression" in Afghanistan and Iraq?


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