Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Graveyard Voter

What does it take to get off the voter rolls in Washington state. Redstate found an item by Stefan Sharkansky, the Washington blogger who has been all over the voter irregularities there.
CORRIE RACHEL A 125e State Ave NE Olympia

The above data is what you get (as shown by Stefan Sharkansky) when you enter "Thurston County" and "Corrie" in the Sound Politics Voter Database. What you will find is that the young woman--who came out on the short end in a tussle with an Israeli bulldozer--is still a registered voter. You would think that, with all the press reports on Corrie's death, somebody in the elections office could have picked that up. Not that this has anything directly to do with the funny business in Washington State governor's race, but it exemplifies the shoddy recordkeeping here in the Evergreen State.

True, the death of Johnny Carson got more front page coverage, but Corrie's death, as she tried to defend Palestinian arms smuggling, must have run a close second. My question: OK, we know she was registered. Did she vote?


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