Friday, February 04, 2005

Colorado Professor May be Fired

Government Bytes found this article datelined Denver. Link.
Colorado Gov. Bill Owens yesterday urged the University of Colorado Board of Regents to fire professor Ward Churchill at a meeting today if he refuses to resign for his remarks comparing the September 11 victims to Nazis.

The elected board is slated to discuss Mr. Churchill's status at a special meeting today with university President Betsy Hoffman. Earlier this week, Mr. Churchill resigned as chairman of the Ethnic Studies Department, but Mr. Owens and other lawmakers have since called on him to resign from the faculty entirely.

"I told President Hoffman that my office will work closely with her and the Board of Regents to terminate Mr. Churchill if he refuses to resign voluntarily," said Mr. Owens at a press conference here yesterday.

Mr. Churchill has "the same First Amendment rights as any American," said Mr. Owens, but he "has no place on the faculty of the University of Colorado ... . [H]e absolutely should not be supported with taxpayers' dollars."

I agree. Professor Churchill certainly has the right to express his opinions and to have them published. However, this is not the same as having a right to tax-supported employment. I do not know whether or not he has tenure, but, then again, I do not believe that universities should grant guaranteed lifetime employment to anyone. Probably the more important question is not what Churchill's opinions are, no matter how stupid, but whether he foists those opinions on his students. Are they being educated, or are they beoing indoctrinated?

However, just as they sent Capone to jail for tax evasion, rather than the hundreds of horrendous violent crimes he had committed, there may be extranious grounds for firing Churchill. He claims to be part Cherokee, or more specifically of the Keetoowah tribe. According to Indian Country Today, Keetoowah officials state that, according ot their data base, he is not a member. If gross stupidity does not fly, how about resume fraud?


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