Wednesday, February 09, 2005

527s Enter the Social Security Fight

The Center for Public Integrity reports that several 527s that were active in the 2004 campaign are now entering both sides of the fight for private accounts. Link.
In recent weeks, a half-dozen organizations have begun fundraising, television and print campaigns to promote or oppose President Bush's plans to revamp the Social Security system.

How these groups-some of which were among the most active 527s in the 2003-2004 election-intend to fund their campaigns is unclear. All told, 527s raised and spent $550 million during the two-year cycle, according to an updated Center for Public Integrity analysis of disclosure forms filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

Some of the 527s named in the report are:

On the pro-private accounts side are Progress for America, The Club for Growth, and The Alliance for Worker Retirement Security. On the anti side are Campaign for America's Future, The Alliance for Retired Americans, and MoveOn.org.

I view this as a positive development. I was skeptical of 527s when they were first pushed to the forefront by that monstrosity named McCain-Feingold, but many of them proved themselves to be worthy participants in the election campaign. Many of their ads were far more informative and brutally to-the-point than the official ads. President Bush is a good salesman, but this job may require some super-salesmen. That he is not on his own, but the 527s may be.


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