Thursday, January 27, 2005

Vote Fraud on Milwaukee

I was glad to read in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal that the feds have entered the investigation of vote fraud in Milwaukee. Link. I have been following the story, but had given up hope that the authorities would look into it. Wisconsin went to Kerry by 11,000 votes, but that was not enough to decide the presidential election. I feared that lack of consequence would push the story under the rug.

Wisconsin allows voters to register at the polls on election day. Earlier Journal Sentinal articles reported that 17% of all votes cast in heavily-Democratic Milwaukee were registered at the polls. Their investigations revealed that many of them had ficticious addresses, many were too illegible to check up on, and many were repeats of voters who were registered in other districts. They also found absentee ballots from voters who had died before the absentee ballots were mailed out.

Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann said he and U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic agreed to investigate potential problems together. The effort will also include the Milwaukee Police Department and the local office of the FBI.

McCann told the newspaper the group of prosecutors and investigators, including one with computer expertise, will try to "see if there was voter fraud or not. That's the major thrust."(...) >

The group will have access to original documents and materials the newspaper has not been able to see. There is no specified timetable for completing the review.(...)

And a new Journal Sentinel review of the city's voting records shows the system is so flawed that more than 300 people are listed as voting twice from the same address, even though each apparently was given only one ballot.

That increases the size of a gap, already at more than 8,300, between the number of ballots cast and the number of people who can be identified as voting in the presidential election, which in Wisconsin was determined by about 11,000 votes.

At least part of the solution seems simple. Stop allowing people to register at the polls. That is the source of much of the fraud. Election officials need time to check the validity of a new registration before the election is held.


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